right now

The art
of simplicity

To make a living bread, we work with the living.

Two workshops
the same light

“ Modern, functional bakeries, completely transparent, which don’t hide anything, which show everything, from the bag of flour to the dough mixers. ”
Ciguë, architecture studio

“ Hi, Pains
Paulettes ”

“ A real find of taste and efficiency for sensitive souls like me. ” P. Starck

“ Paulin is a baker who wishes us well! ” N. Doboin

“ I believe that it’s with a good tomato salad that I like good bread even more. To sop up the vinaigrette, to dip the soft interior into the bottom of the salad bowl, to have my mouth brimming with flavors. When it’s with your country-style bread, I make a complete meal of it. ” M. Troisgros





An ethical
in town