General sales conditions

Article 1 Preamble:

The present general conditions of sale govern all relations between the company PAIN PAULIN SARL with a capital of 80,000 euros—RCS 820,472,751—
Intracommunity number: FR 03 8 20,472,751—Siret number 820 472 751,000 16
Head office: 22 Route de Bordeaux, 33950 LEGE-CAP FERRET
E-mail address: Postal address:
PAIN PAULIN, 22 Route de Bordeaux, 33950 LEGE-CAP FERRET
The present general conditions of sale aim to define the terms and conditions of sale between SARL PAIN PAULIN and the customer, the terms and conditions of the services including payment and delivery. They regulate all the steps necessary for placing an order between the contracting parties, within the framework of a distance selling system on the Internet, for goods defined in the sales catalogue of the site

Article 2 Conditions of application: 

The present general conditions of the sale are brought to the attention of the customer to enable him to place an order. By clicking on the “ORDER” tab on the site, the customer acknowledges that he/she has the full legal capacity to commit to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which alone are applicable to the following contract.
If a condition were to be lacking, it would be considered by the practices in force in the distance selling sector whose companies are based in France.

Article 3 Items and products:

The products offered are those listed in the catalogue published on the site, within the limits of available stocks and subject to the proper functioning of the site. Each product is presented with a photograph, and a description drawn up by SARL PAIN PAULIN.
The descriptions are intended to present the essential characteristics of the products to the customer before the final order is taken and may not under any circumstances engage the responsibility of SARL PAIN PAULIN.
The visuals of the products are provided for information only and are not contractual.

Article 4 Ordering:

In order to place an order, the customer undertakes to fill in the order form accurately and thoroughly. As such, he/she undertakes to fill in all the different sections necessary for the proper processing of his/her order; choice of product(s); quantity of products required; information on the billing and delivery address; validation of the order after verification; payment of the order in accordance with the conditions provided.

Article 5 Payment method:

Payment by card is entrusted to the company Stripe. The entry of your credit card number as well as its expiry date and its cryptogram is done on a highly secure page. The Site does not store any card number.
Stripe’s payment processing is PCI/DSS certified by Visa and MasterCard. This certification specifies the application of the most stringent security rules to protect the Customer’s credit card data.
All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256. Stripe’s infrastructure for storing, decrypting and transmitting card numbers runs independently, without sharing any sensitive information with Stripe’s core services.

Article 6 Rights of withdrawal:

The cancellation period does not apply to perishable products. No changes or cancellations shall be taken into account and no payments made shall be refunded.

Article 7 Out of stock:

The products offered on the website are subject to availability. A product that has become unavailable will be removed from the online product catalogue as soon as possible or indicated as being unavailable for a limited period.
However, in the event of a stock shortage, SARL PAIN PAULIN will contact the customer as soon as possible in order to agree with him/her to postpone delivery until the product is restocked or to replace the product. As the products are manufactured in a traditional manner, they are therefore available in limited quantities.

Article 8 Prices:

The prices indicated on the order form are in € euros including VAT (All taxes included), from our shop. The VAT included is the French VAT applicable on the day of the order.
If the VAT rate is modified, these changes may be reflected in the price of the articles without the customer being informed in advance. However, the prices cannot be modified once the order has been confirmed.

Article 9 Shipments:

Shipments are processed in our shops within 24 hours. All our deliveries are carried out by an external service provider by cargo bike. It is the responsibility of the recipient to check the shipments on arrival and to make any reservations that may appear justified, or even to refuse the package if it is likely to have been opened or if it bears signs of deterioration. The customer is responsible for the recipient’s details. These details must be precise, exact and complete to enable delivery in the best possible conditions. SARL PAIN PAULIN may under no circumstances be held responsible for a return delivery due to an incomplete or erroneous address.
If the recipient is absent and a delivery notice is left, SARL PAIN PAULIN is in no way responsible for the deterioration of the products due to their late collection from the carrier. Exceeding the delivery time cannot give rise to damages.
In the event of non-delivery of the package by the carrier, significant delay in delivery or non-conformity with the order, please send your complaints by e-mail to the following address: Requests will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. SARL PAIN PAULIN will do its utmost to satisfy its customers in the event of a problem encountered during delivery.
SARL PAIN PAULIN reserves the right to advise against sending certain delicate products during hot periods.

Article 10 Product guarantee:

SARL PAIN PAULIN guarantees to customers that the products are manufactured and packaged according to strict quality rules and kept in accordance with the standards in force in France. However, SARL PAIN PAULIN cannot extend its guarantee on its products if the customer has not respected the optimum storage conditions or if the customer has consumed products beyond the optimum storage date indicated on the packaging.

Article 11 Intellectual property: 

All the elements of the site (photographs, illustrations, descriptions, logos, brands, etc.) are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of SARL PAIN PAULIN. The reproduction, redistribution or use in any capacity whatsoever of the elements of the site is subject to the express prior authorisation of SARL PAIN PAULIN, holders of all intellectual property rights.
Any user who has an Internet site and wishes to place a simple link on his or her site referring directly to the site must first request the authorisation of SARL PAIN PAULIN.

Article 12 Data processing and freedom, personal data: 

By ordering via our site, the customer consents to the use by SARL PAIN PAULIN of personal data concerning him/her. This data is necessary to ensure the proper processing of orders.
All this information is treated with the greatest rigour and discretion. SARL PAIN PAULIN undertakes not to divulge to third parties the information communicated by the customer on the site. This information is confidential. It will only be used to process the order and to reinforce and personalise communication, in particular by information letters or e-mails.
In accordance with article 34 of the French law on “information technology and civil liberties” of 6 January 1978, the customer has the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning him/her. To exercise this right and obtain information, the customer may contact SARL PAIN PAULIN at the following e-mail address:

Article 13 Modification of the general conditions of the sale:

SARL PAIN PAULIN reserves the right to modify the general conditions of sale. Any new version of these will be announced beforehand on the site.

Article 14 Applicable law and disputes:

The contract formed by the acceptance of these GTC is subject to French law. The language of this contract is French. In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.





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