“ A real find of taste and efficiency for sensitive souls like me. ” P. Starck

“ Paulin is a baker who wishes us well! ” N. Doboin

Visitors’ book

“ I believe that it’s with a good tomato salad that I like good bread even more. To sop up the vinaigrette, to dip the soft interior into the bottom of the salad bowl, to have my mouth brimming with flavors. When it’s with your country-style bread, I make a complete meal of it. ”

Michel TROISGROS, Chef 3***

“ Paulin is a baker who wishes us well!  ”

“ Paulin is a baker who wishes us well! A passionate person, Paulin hasn’t slept much for yeas. No longer to proudly tag the walls of Bordeaux at night with the letters ‘b o q u z,’ but to work hard at refreshing the leaven, weighing, kneading, shaping and baking bread. If his Olympian calm conceals his great shyness, Paulin has forged a resistant entrepreneurial character for himself over the years. Straightforward and without compromise, he has honed, with great commitment, his range of bakery products following his aesthetic inspirations. Whether they’re visual, tactile, olfactory, sound or quite often gustatory, Paulin readily blends the intellect and the manual. A genuine aesthete, he links art and being a baker. Paulin, a ‘single man’ who is so precious as a friend, a partner, but also and especially for the bakery world. ”

Nathaniel Doboin, BREAD-UP

“ Thank you Paulin. We have rediscovered the pleasure of eating bread. And the welcoming is always done with great kindness. ”

Jean-Paul, fidèle client

“ A real find of taste and efficiency for sensitive souls like me. ”

“ My dear Paulin, all my sacred little viscera as well as my tastebuds thank you for this bread, which is more than blessed. A real find of taste and efficiency for sensitive souls like me. Thanks once again. ”

Philippe STARCK, Designer

“ Hats off to Mr. Paulin for this magnificent and inspiring bakery itinerary. ”

“ Who could have imagined that behind this young dandy, specialized in finance with well-groomed hands, a chief was hidden. A baker-chief, detail-oriented, attentive and sensitive to the murmurs of dough. A company chief, a worker, resilient, an aesthete and creative, knowing how to bounce back in the most difficult situations. If Alexander hadn’t usurped the nickname before him, he could easily be called Paulin the Great! The only baker I know able to swallow 10 pastries in a row, to iron his boxer shorts at 11 p.m. after a 15-hour work day, eager for scrumptious experiences, introduced to the greatest chefs but also gratified by the simplest things. Paulin never tires of praising the tomatoes or beans from his grandfather’s garden. In the end, not all of us have been lucky enough to meet men of his caliber. Hats off, Mr. Paulin for this magnificent and inspiring bakery itinerary. ”

Thomas CHAMBELLAND, Moulin et Boulangerie Chambelland, Ecole Internationale de Boulangerie, La Fabrique à Pain.





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