To make a living bread, we work with the living.

Leaven fermentation is at the heart of our know-how. It follows its own rhythm. It takes three days of patience before the dough is ready. That’s the time it takes.
That’s the time it takes for our bread, yours, to be easier to digest, keep longer and provide the best of its flavors.
That’s the time it takes so that it gives you – this is our wish – all the joy and delicacy of the living enclosed within it.

The functioning of nature, its simplicity, the harmony it proposes in everything are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and learning for us.
So, to make living bread, we don’t do anything more than reproduce, put into practice its ingenuity. We work with the thousands of microorganisms that compose it, that accomplish, each day in our workshops, a slow and precious transformation operation: fermentation. Leaven is our indispensable and essential raw material. It’s composed of natural organisms, precisely fed flour and water by our team morning and night. It helps us transform the dough into bread with a honeycomb interior. It’s a rigorous, demanding operation in which each detail counts: the time, the water temperature, the flour’s quality, its quantity and how the dough is worked.





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